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06-23-2009, 12:19 PM
IPH?s Battle at the Beach Tournament Prep

Hey guys, it?s been a while since I updated my last log. I have not been training due to a full time job and full time college. I plan on taking it easy and only work for the remainder of the summer so I can concentrate on myself.

For the past few months I have only been lifting about 5-6 hours per week in order to keep my strength and weight up. I have been doing no cardio at all and have only trained bjj/wrestling a handful on times in the past 6 or 7 months.

My current stats are 5?7 168.5. I plan on competing at the Battle at the Beach Naga on August1st/2nd. As of right now I have about 6 weeks or less to regain my cardio, muscle endurance, and knock off the rust from not training consistently for over a year and a half.

I am a bjj blue belt and trained ?consistently? for about 1 ? years. Rather than entering the 6 month to 2 year division I plan on entering intermediate for no-gi and obviously the blue belt division for gi. My main goal is to win a match or 2, anything more than that would be unrealistic in my divisions? but I?ll fight and train my ass off either way. I plan on competing at 159, which will most likely be stacked?. But I feel that 159 is the best weight class for my frame. My body didn?t respond well when cutting to 149 in the past.

The routine I plan on following:
The days I start at 3:30 is due to work.

3:30pm Roadwork. Starting off at 2 miles increasing as I feel fits
6-7pm Freestyle wrestling practice
7:30-9pm BJJ

10am Roadwork.
12pm-1:30PM bjj
6pm-7pm Freestyle wrestling
7:30-9pm BJJ

3:30pm Sprints
6-7pm Freestyle wrestling practice
7:30-9pm BJJ

10am Roadwork.
12pm-1:30PM bjj
6pm-7pm Freestyle wrestling
7:30-9pm BJJ

330pm Sprints
4:30Strength training (all compound lifts 5x5)
730-830 Drilling technique at open mat.

3:30pm Road work
4:30Strength Training (all compound lifts 5x5)

Sunday: off

Going to limit drinking//partying to 1 time per week. Not going to cut it out completely because it?s the summer and all my boys are home from college.

This should be an interesting routine. I have never done roadwork consistently and have never done sprints consistently. My main form of conditioning in the past was sparring extra long, circuit and interval training, and random insane conditioning drills at wrestling and bjj.

My main concern at the moment is to keep my weight and my strength up with this routine. It will definitely take a lot of getting used to in regards to the sprints and roadwork? and the fact that I have not trained in over half a year. Either way, I?m looking forward to the tournament.

As far as dieting is concerned, I am going to have to eat a lot more than I am used to in order to keep myself at around 170 until I cut. Critiques are welcome, I start tonight at BJJ.