View Full Version : Colesterol in Whey Proteins

04-16-2009, 08:10 PM
Not sure if anyone has realised but some of the biggest brands of whey proteins contain colesterol. Now im no guru but isnt colesterol bad ?

For example Gold standard Optimum Whey contains 3grams of Colesterol per serving. Does it mean its bad for you ?

On the opposite side AST Vp2 contains 0grams of Colesterol. Why would one contain it and the other not ? does it mean one is better than the other ?

Is there such a thing as GOOD colesterol similar to Fat, saturated fat being bad and mono being good ?

Id like to discuss this topics in this thread.


04-16-2009, 08:30 PM
From what I understand, the cholesterol comes from whey concentrate. If you look at isolate proteins, they are extremely low in cholesterol or nonexistent. However, I like protein blends like ON or XF where there is some isolates, concentrate, and hydrolyzed. Just to cover different time release even though it is all essentially whey. Some people will only take isolates or hydro cuz they are more expensive and superior to some degree, but I don't know the long term effects of cholesterol intake from protein. I would also like someone with more knowledge/experience to chime in on this as well as I find that this is a very intriguing question.