View Full Version : abdominal cramping/tightining

05-10-2008, 02:59 PM
I don't know how to explain this pain, but it hurt so bad it was in my abdominal area, heres what i did today....

30mins of walking ( still having finished my other 30 minute walk, probably wont today ) trying to get an hour of walking in every day..

but i don't think that was the problem..

I was doing set ups, and using a matress so i can come off the floor quickily, lol, I done 40 of these without stopping, then i got up and my stomach tightened up for like 11 seconds, exacly.

it stopped, then started again... its been about an hour sense it happened

i pretty sure it was a workout cramp so im not going to consult a doctor yet

i would explain it as a hernea type feeling, but never had one of those... what happens when you get a hernea? i actualy remember this happening awhile back when i was doing set ups