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The Zodiac sagittarius is the one sign that is impossible to read as they keep their innermost feelings all bottle up inside. Want to know what makes the zodiac sagittarius. This article should give you some insight. If you want more information visit this site http://www.astrologyquestions.com/zodiac/zodiac-sagittarius.html

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Is this better than roid?

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It says Sagitarrius is the zodiac sign of the Archer. It has a picture of a centaur holding a bow:

This of course brings to mind...

Now, so this thread does not get deleted, I say we hijack it to make it relevant to discussing different forms of exercise equipment.

Since archery is the topic, there are things like 'strand pulling'. This was a traditional form, and has expanded to modern things like chest expanders which emulate archery, sort of.


I think they're pretty cool compared to most stretch cables you see. Perhaps they look like thicker and harder bands, and that there is more than one of them, unlike here:

The resistance from these bands is said to increase the more you pull them (at least until a certain point where they either permanently deform, or snap and kill you).

This kind of resistance has been emulated, in ways besides bands, by bending things (like the powerRods used in Bowflexes):

through the Nautilus cam system, and through lifting with chains (which many powerlifters do):

In a way, moving through water is like this too, but only if you go very fast. Water-resistance is incredibly speed-dependant, if you go slow it glides out of your way.

Unfortunately, Bowflex, though named after 'bows' does not even work this way anymore. The 'revolution' deviates from the Nautilus cam system entirely by hooking it up in reverse, so that the stretch bands wound around inside the attachable plates... while it would normally increase, the cam it is hooked up to makes it harder when they are NOT stretched, and then doesn't affect the stretched, so it is very smooth and consistant much like using a cable stack at a gym.

This is all nice and comfortable for some people, but it really pisses me off personally! I like the idea of resistance that increases as your arm straightens. That's when we want to be strongest anyway, like I lock my arms overhead when I am carrying something heavy, or when you are punching someone near-straight is often when you hit right?

They should have hooked the cam up the other way! This way, it would amplify the curve, so instead of going 5>10 or whatever it would go 5>100!

C Man
04-03-2008, 06:47 AM
Why would you take the time to compose a response like that to an obvious spam post?