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  1. What are your achievable goals that you'll probably never achieve.
  2. No One Was Kilt In The Face Punching Competition Today....
  3. Things you've done in the gym...and hoped nobody saw.
  4. I finally did it
  5. The Tower by GuyJin
  6. Passed a Kidney Stone This Week
  7. Fitday.... curse you!!
  8. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
  9. Heres the problem SP1966
  10. Sexist, but funny - girls quid pro quo accepted
  11. Last WWI combat vet gone
  12. Trollface art project (pics)
  13. Saw the drunkest driver last night...
  14. Who did you like?
  15. Anybody purchase this belt from bb.com?
  16. I'm going to need an ark soon...
  17. For the land of fruits and nuts
  18. for no particular reason: monte python
  19. What non-explicit phrase do you use when you want some nooky?
  20. I'm Free!!!!
  21. Balloon fetish anyone?
  22. Modern Philosopers Worth Requoting...
  23. Prostatitis?
  24. Annoying orange
  25. RIP Seve Ballesteros
  26. Funny dog video
  27. Saturday:
  28. My ugly horse......
  29. Bodybuilding, the game
  30. Lol...Don't do this!
  31. One of those mornings
  32. Some pics from my work in Alabama tornado response
  33. Happy Mother's Day!
  34. Mold in Washer - Wut Do?
  35. Thor (No spoilers)
  36. My message to Mom, sissy's and bros
  37. Holiday Snaps of Istanbul for ya'll!
  38. Consumer sentiment? Economy at swing up?
  39. Another job well done!
  40. The Governator splitting from his wife of 25 years
  41. Hitting the gym after 9 days off.
  42. World's Strongest Man question
  43. advice to a 24 year old
  44. Ladies, help me out here...uncomfortable at work
  45. Woman arrested for shaving.....
  46. Are anger issues passed down in genes?
  47. Have you ever said GMAFB?
  48. So OBL was stuck in the same house with 3 wives for 5 years...
  49. Yo Mindy912
  50. Thank You In Advance For Your Help And Support
  51. Summers in right around the corner, you guys ready?
  52. I'm afraid that I might be raising Alex P Keaton...
  53. Filling in for BH on Bronx stories: Another Bronx Getaway
  54. I am starting to have some concerns about Cozener
  55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!! (aka Fitmom)
  56. If Arnold joined the O35.....
  57. Who here really is Arnold???
  58. News story on the shake weight
  59. jetman
  60. Just because...
  61. For those who use stream from netflix
  62. You can tell i have been drinking by the number of North Korea posts i make
  63. Question
  64. Can people usually guess your age correctly?
  65. :D I am now a TRUE member off BB... got my first neg! :D
  66. Please Support my 12 Week Transformation Log Journal
  67. Loose skin????
  68. Bodyhard meets Batman
  69. Anything you regret, advice.
  70. Southwest tells woman, mother they are 'too fat to fly'
  71. Some exciting news!
  72. A friend of mine's Facebook Status
  73. You guys missed me and Keltrons cinco de mayo party in Vegas(pic)
  74. Man admits driving 51 miles with wife on van hood
  75. Awesome Video!
  76. Guess what today is...
  77. Do you think this cat is addicted?
  78. The grass, it must be cut!!
  79. Trying to get used to my new varifocal lenses.. jeesh!
  80. Bin Laden the Pervert
  81. How many times have you moved house / home?
  82. Jackie Chan! Is da man!
  83. Possible I Stunted Growth with Heavy Deads?
  84. is this one of us???
  85. Itt tech man is superior
  86. Help! Simple Internet Question
  87. Permission granted to masturbate at work for 15 mins every two hours!
  88. RIP Boogeyman
  89. Let me out!! LMAO!!
  90. Some prayers please.
  91. 40yo Newbie, just introducing myself
  92. I channeled my inner BH today
  93. What is your sound system?
  94. Halotest-25
  95. Celebrity Crushes
  96. If...
  97. 20 on 2 and you don't do damage?
  98. Just a little vid of me doing what I do best - BJJ, aka Brazilian Jui-jitsu
  99. Need advice on elbow injury
  100. Outrageous Mother's Day request
  101. Silly cat actually motivated me to do deadlifts..
  102. Any wild bird experts here... got a Robin question...
  103. Ronnie James Dio: One Year Later
  104. Dress Shirts
  105. Home alone
  106. Married 30 Years
  107. CVS stores
  108. An observation about the ov35
  109. Prolly not the best idea this guy ever had
  110. what would you do?
  111. Have you seen Achmed the Dead Terrorist?
  112. Arnold fathered another child while married....I am disappoint.
  113. Beat the crap out of a guy this AM
  114. Russia all about the Oil & Gold
  115. Got the crap beat outta me this AM
  116. kicked the crap...
  117. Found piles of crap all over the place today
  118. back out of wack!!!
  119. Harmon Killebrew R.I.P.
  120. Got off work early to day, so you know what that means!!
  121. Uh-oh . . . just got 25th HS Reunion invite for August
  122. Got in trouble at work today...
  123. I made it!!! Finally.........
  124. My ugly horse...part II
  125. Religious - eat only pork meat
  126. Unique music which surprised you
  127. Dirk Nowitzki
  128. Arnold's taste in women
  129. How close to a train track can you have a Fruit and Vegetable Market?
  130. For those of you with very young children
  131. OT- Car battery question.
  132. video editing
  133. What do I need to do if a vehicle sat for 2 years?
  134. <40 1 mile run time
  135. Animal Protection, who to call???
  136. Cooking question
  137. You just found out your husband cheated on you
  138. SS Interrogate 13-year-old Boy w/out Mother's Knowledge
  139. "Feathered" re-entry test flight
  140. scary
  141. For a morning laugh....
  142. I think I will just leave this here....
  143. No arnold here !!!!
  144. You might want to change your plans for the weekend.......
  145. Crappy Day!
  146. If your kids are on loan...
  147. Anyone into 'alternative' medicine?
  148. How to make an exit!
  149. smooth
  150. Family returns $45,000 in cash to seller of home.
  151. How well do you see color?
  152. How to get women NY style
  153. Like counting sheep...
  154. Need to cut sodium but how??
  155. Am I the only one who thinks Mavs coach looks like Jim Carey?
  156. Who start the troubles - odd story, donít reed if donít want waist yours time
  157. Movie Sound Tracks?
  158. Only in Wisconsin!
  159. What do you collect?
  160. Your Garden
  161. Well today is the day
  162. This just in!!
  163. Sad news
  164. No wonder we are falling behind as a country
  165. Great news!! judgement day is tomorrow!!
  166. Confession time, i am guilty of coupon fraud.
  167. How words are created!
  168. Is anybody dead yet?
  169. I know you guys don't like hip hop but if you can take a minute
  170. ANOTHER two Texas teachers arrested for having sex with their students
  171. Why do people always start their diets tomorrow?
  172. Who is your favourite Disney / Warner Bros Cartoon character?
  173. how long to wait after eating
  174. Dealing with Stress -Humor
  175. funny thing my niece said
  176. For No Particular Reason - Rammstein
  177. From Blackberries to garden in one afternoon?
  178. Hot like hell?
  179. That's not a zhu zhu pet.
  180. Life after discectomy?
  181. So far this year for Cleveland fans
  182. Wilkinson Sword
  183. Anyone here know anything about SOD?
  184. My new water heater has 10 warning labels on it
  185. New PR on concentration curls today
  186. Adult women should take lessons from this kid!
  187. Planking
  188. Tornadoes getting crazy...
  189. This interrupt us now
  190. Blatant copypasta
  191. Cigars?
  192. TuffGirl wants you to watch UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill - Saturday Night, May 28th
  193. Strong "Office Space" fail
  194. So let me get this right....
  195. New job? Need help from wiseheads in over 35 misc
  196. Putting weights away phenomenon: home gymers....
  197. the body of an actor in a movie that most inspired your personal bodybuilding goals?
  198. Going away for Memorial Day???
  199. Trying out the Pilates Machine in My Gym
  200. A Nurse in Joplin Missouri says...
  201. question to those in British Commonwealth:Obama's toast to Queen facepalm-worthy?
  202. Add Lithium to Drinking Water? Are You F'n Kidding Me?
  203. Ok, so I've finally read/seen it all now!!!
  204. pedestrian crashes
  205. Death...
  206. Trning 42 Next week--any advise apprecited
  207. Same Sort of Thing in My School District
  208. It's about as much fun as...
  209. long... but I like the idea
  210. Feeling foolish taking pics of yourself in the mirror at the gym?
  211. They're Baaack...............
  212. Zombies.....Are you prepared?
  213. This makes me both ill and ANGRY !
  214. Physical therapy question
  215. Will bodybuilding shun Arnold? Natl Fitness HOF may
  216. Nice paintings...... body paint that is.....
  217. Punked Some More Punks the Other Day...
  218. Try this!!!
  219. What do you do with your jar of peanut butter when it is finished?
  220. Sh!t is it as
  221. Top Workout Songs on Your iPod?
  222. Water Aerobics...
  223. Further Evidence That All The Proofreaders Have Been Fired
  224. Ladies how much of a sale do you get on your dress
  225. Got punked by some punks the other day
  226. I threw some expired yogurts at some punks
  227. I was punked in the junk by some junk-wielding punks
  228. 5th graders from hell??
  229. Punked a punk for stealing my iPhone that he didn't steal...
  230. Feeling foolish taking naked pictures of myself in the rain
  231. Man I'm Hot
  232. New neighbors causing trouble with my old neighbors
  233. What is your pre-workout warm up routine?
  234. Holy carp! Zakk Wylde
  235. Thank you to all who have and who are serving!
  236. The volcanic ash cloud and disrupted flights
  237. Over 35 misc texting codes:
  238. Rare photos of Famous People
  239. Bacon Haters, WTF!?!
  240. Punks Thought I Was Loaded With Yogurt Bombs, But I Hit Them With...
  241. online add
  242. Check out this rare photo of a famous person you all know
  243. RIP Jeff Conaway
  244. Somewhere there is a deceased horse...
  245. BBQ weekend, prepare your angus!!
  246. Sick of Parodies? How about a funny animated GIF thread!
  247. Another Punk Tried to Punk Me!
  248. Any of you guys write?
  249. For No Particular Reason......Motorhead
  250. Posters