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  1. How to prospect, qualify and close?
  2. What is the most profitable demographic?
  3. USA Weightlifting Cert Level 1 (Sports Performance)
  4. Full Time Trainers...What do you make?
  5. what are good exercises for pre-existing knee injuries, what do you avoid?
  6. I need some fresh ideas for Fit Tests
  7. What to charge??????????
  8. Poster Ideas
  9. complete noob
  10. ACE 3rd VS. 4th edition question..
  11. Photographers
  12. Personal Trainer West Midlands UK
  13. How many is too many per week.
  14. just ordered ISSA
  15. NASM chapter 4!!- really??
  16. firefighter/paramedic looking to become certified
  17. Web / SEO guys got a question!
  18. How do I add value?
  19. ACE Next week. AHHH
  20. ACE or ISSA?
  21. Relationships with clients.
  22. Taking notes during a session better or necessary?
  23. need to get certificate
  24. Ipad for business and client files.
  25. Bartending as a side gig - good for new clients?
  26. A Little help with an obese client (Longish Post)
  27. weird side effect
  28. 1 to 1 or group training?
  29. Out on my own now, need some help building the business (ideas & actions) - long read
  30. Resume/CV and job hunting
  31. What certifications can I get to improve my credentials as a trainer.
  32. Anyone own a biodynamic 450?
  33. in home training and studio training
  34. Just got hired at golds
  35. Australia to America
  36. ACE or AFPA
  37. If garage seems bigger be sure to call your physician.
  38. Being a PT while in School?
  39. How to make your circuits class as enjoyable as possible
  40. Personal Trainer Manager at Golds Gym
  41. Obese Client - Pain in the Butt
  42. NASM or ACSM
  43. please give me some advice
  44. Client with HIGH HR?!?
  45. Kettlebell cert level 1 done OUCH
  46. Different ideas for exercises to keep clients interested?
  47. Highschool Requirements
  48. R.I.P. Jack LaLanne
  49. Questions - Career as Personal Trainer
  50. Study Materials Needed: Most Current Version of NASM or ACE
  51. Techniques and tips for measuring heart rate
  52. Routine Help
  53. Making/Buying Signs
  54. Best Exercise Journals/resources
  55. Those that have success with Craigslist...
  56. Nasm test.
  57. Client struggling with weight loss (long)
  58. Wordpress Gurus
  59. People who did ISSA
  60. College Football Player who Dropped Bar on Neck Sues School
  61. Personal Nutritionist
  62. Looking for a coorporate fitness training facility
  63. Bootcamp exercises - share your list
  64. What is a great workout plan to gain muscle but lose all my belly fat?
  65. EFT - who/what do you use/how do you set it up/overhead?
  66. new workout plan?
  67. Re-Locating to more competition
  68. NASM Question
  69. Trx
  70. Kickbacklife / Chris McCombs ... anyone ever get any of his stuff?
  71. Easiest &Cheapest Recognized Cert?
  72. Realistic opinion
  73. Tax write offs for equipment
  74. Can-fit-pro?
  75. Whats a good workout program i should do to try to add an inch on my arms asap!??
  76. Private contracting brahs, I need your help
  77. 4 Day Bootcamp Help
  78. One would almost have to be an idiot to have la fitness
  79. Please critique: my Craigslist Bootcamp ad (ongoing)
  80. Best Gym to work at starting out as a personal trainer
  81. Working at the gym as a personal Trainer(Provide your own clients?)
  82. Career Change..... CPT's input please.
  83. is this a good certification? aware me
  84. Instructing the PERFECT Bent-over Row.
  85. Diet programme for kids..?
  86. Jumping right into the independent world
  87. advice on where to train people at start?
  88. still need sports performance trainer in central nj
  89. I want to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Advice por favor :)
  90. Informational interview report
  91. New Web Site
  92. Working at a country club?
  93. Trainer Needed
  94. Link exchange
  95. Physical Ed teachers? / high school strength coaches?
  96. Uk based / worldwide personal trainers, quick question
  97. how would you handle the situation
  98. How did you get into becoming a Personal Trainer?
  99. Ice vs Heat for Acute Injury
  100. advice needed plz
  101. Best Free Website for Trainers
  102. Help finding personal trainer
  103. Thinking of getting certified in Martial Arts Conditioning and need advice
  104. Do you use a scale with clients?
  105. Personal Trainer Schools (San Diego)
  106. Training the COPD client
  107. Group circuit workouts
  108. Aussie PT's
  109. Advertising question
  110. skeptical and don't know where to apply
  111. Thoughts on preseason high school camps
  112. What do you charge for a circuits session?
  113. Opened a studio in Denver, any denver trainers around?
  114. LLC quarterly filing
  115. For people certified through NASM..
  116. Diploma - Certification
  117. First day as a pt
  118. ACE exam question
  119. Is personal training right for me?
  120. NASM problems, chapter 5
  121. Complete overhaul of my business and need opinions/suggestions.
  122. Direct response emails ... thoughts?
  123. Been getting some strange enquiries lately
  124. Contractor vs employee
  125. Help with my trainer certificate
  126. Trainer in LA area...
  127. Question for personal trainers.
  128. Circular Weight Training
  129. Help with client with 1.5 arms!
  130. Men in fitness classes.
  131. Literature on Muscles + corresponding Exercises?
  132. Stretching Your Clients
  133. Program Design in ISSA
  134. I got a personal trainer... but I think I regret it...
  135. which one is more needed
  136. interview @ 24 hour to be a PT
  137. Just ordered nasm materials!
  138. Need a professional opinion..
  139. How receptive are males clients to working with female PT?
  140. Question about personal training requirements
  141. Interview; intelligent questions?
  142. ISSA's Nuritional Values?
  143. NFPT Certification
  144. Pregnant Trainee ?
  145. Personal Training Certificate
  146. Broken Collarbone
  147. hellp pass test
  148. ITT: Becoming a certified personal trainer
  149. Anyone Use SS, or Bill Starr, Etc For Clients?
  150. Thanks !
  151. Extreme pain/discomfort in shoulder area
  152. Repititive Beginner Workouts (Long)
  153. Trigger Point Therapy
  154. How to invite a gym member to do FITNESS ASSESSMENT....
  155. Am I Charging Too Much?
  156. My Motivational Weekly Fitness Show
  157. Body appearance
  158. Pullup progression
  159. Anyone ever work at an Urban Active facility? Post your experience here.
  160. College degree to become a PT
  161. Hiring a young personal trainer?
  162. Good Tool For Designing Routines For Clients
  163. Free Web Site and Supplement store? Too good to be true?
  164. Bootcamps: circuit style or all doing the same thing?
  165. What is best to get a certificate in?
  166. how do you verbally explain squat form?
  167. good reads (reps)
  168. Transitioning from Corporate gym to Private...
  169. How much does the "T-bar row" bar weigh?
  170. New Trainer Job Ideas
  171. CanFitPro Studytime
  172. Turning your CONDO into a 1 on 1 Private Gym??
  173. Anyone a Physiotherapy Assitant?
  174. For those wondering ACE 3rd vs 4th manual.
  175. How to request a transfer in the Corporate Gym world?
  176. Senior citizen exercise classes
  177. Anyone going to the Arnold Classic?
  178. Must have books for a Personal Trainers Library?
  179. Quick feedback on bootcamp schedule, which of these do you think is better?
  180. How would you do a half-hour session?
  181. Personal Training Issue.
  182. I need words of encouragement (long)
  183. Counting Carbs
  184. Please help....nasm
  185. CSCS - "You don't charge enough!"
  186. Lifestyle of a personal trainer?
  187. Help Me! Just had an interview yesterday and Im confused!
  188. How to set up Circuit Training?
  189. Thinking of becoming a PT in the UK, need some advice...
  190. i got my first thank you card and a gift. what do i do.?
  191. Good iPhone apps for PT work
  192. Working out with clients at their own gyms?
  193. NASM elearning and ipad
  194. do you mainly do full-body routines with your clients?
  195. Reimbursements for Clients
  196. How to Survive w/ a PT Salary?
  197. connecticut cash advance and no faxing
  198. How do you guys avoid being one of the pink bosu ball personal trainers?
  199. need help on career choice srs
  200. PT vs GFI
  201. NSCA-CPT Exam Difficulty
  202. Personal training abroad
  203. Contract or independant?
  204. CSCS Exam
  205. Anti planet fitness
  206. Website! Critique needed!
  207. Rhomboids
  208. Going To Be New To PT
  209. resistance training and stretches for marathon runners
  210. Getting rid of the butt wink
  211. Recovery from football
  212. What is the best yoga certification?
  213. Injury Question!
  214. Nesta *****
  215. Quick NSCA question?
  216. Braintorm ideas for client wanting to drop mass!
  217. ACE study materials
  218. UK - Best Route for Funded Personal Training Certificate?
  219. Squat Progression
  220. Perfect Personal Training... Focus Integrated Fitness... question on these
  221. Do you teach your clients, or try to actually prevent them from learning?
  222. Any personal trainers in LA area?
  223. help with a client
  224. A question for everyone
  225. Countdown Timer
  226. Question about LA Fitness and Guests.
  227. What do Personal trainers think about degrees?
  228. It's semi-official!! (NASM)
  229. Would this Web Service for Personal Trainers be useful ?
  230. Florida Personal Trainer
  231. My client baked two dozen cookies for me!!
  232. Increasing you Revenue whilst working FULL TIME!
  233. Train the trainer
  234. Oklahoma PT's and Test help
  235. Starting Mobile Fitness Business
  236. Question on CPR/AED Certifications
  237. Uneasy with inconsistent income.
  238. You know what would make a trainers life easy?
  239. Training female clients with hard time losing weight
  240. How hard to push a client?
  241. Career in Nutrition/Personal Training - Salary questions.
  242. chest imbalance problem here, plz help...
  243. Frustrated and losing patience selling pt
  244. osteomalacia and ricketts
  245. A personal trainer said "I respect people like you"
  246. Personal Trainer Association
  247. When your clients are not with you.
  248. Going solo, tips???
  249. Wanting to be a PT, what should I read up on to get a head start?
  250. New member.