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  1. how do YOU prospect?
  2. Online Clientele
  3. In 1 Sentence: What does it Mean to be a Personal Trainer
  4. ACE Practice Materials
  5. Whats the pay?
  6. My career choice
  7. How to structure my studying for ACE
  8. Advertising on craigslist?
  9. meetup.com
  10. for the personal trainers: adding lean muscle mass
  11. just got my issa books off ebay have a few ?s
  12. trainer schools eligible for pell grants?
  13. Closing a sale
  14. Inerview at Bally's tomorrow
  15. Interesting observation today
  16. bodyblog/personal trainer
  17. Dietitian Vs. Personal Trainer
  18. Commercial Gyms
  19. angry rant$!%^@^#% myth of muscles
  20. For trainers with their own gym
  21. Venice Nutrition?
  22. **In need of some serious help**
  23. Celebrity Fitness Trainers? Who are they and what are there salaries (reps)
  24. Top 10 Signs You are Hardcore...
  25. NO-Beta Bulging Biceps Contest
  26. Product recommendations
  27. very loose, fatty skin
  28. Friends-What Do They Think?
  29. ? for west coast trainers
  30. Sorry for intruding
  31. 24 hour gyms
  32. How to let go of trainer
  33. Overheard trainer talking to client at gym today about milk.
  34. bodybuilding personal trainer in los angeles area?
  35. Single vs. Multiple Sets
  36. Just passed the ACE test.. Couple tips
  37. Any Australians done their cert through these guys???
  38. Personal Training Midgets
  39. Any 17 Yr Olds Work in a gym??
  40. Am i to old
  41. Athletic training
  42. Ny trainers
  43. New Food Sprinkle Convinces the Brain to Stop Over-Eating
  44. help plz
  45. bodybuilding trainer in tampa florida????
  46. Need info from a trainer please.
  47. Critique the Personal Trainer
  48. Help for ISSA CFT Exam
  49. questions regarding certification
  50. born without a left pec
  51. personal trainer in Pembroke Pines, FL.
  52. Recovering addicts
  53. Big Changes
  54. Wisconsin Trainers
  55. Need help training a back injury
  56. rehabilitation???
  57. Worst Examples of Gym Etiquette You've Experienced
  58. yet another Bally's question
  59. Personal Trainer Salary?
  60. So I emailed my resume to all these gyms and....
  61. any help from someone with experience please
  62. Taking NASM on thursday
  63. << NooB preping for NASM. ?
  64. Fitness Program vs Fitness Class
  65. Want to start a boot camp - I need help!
  66. % of body fat chart....mm to %
  67. How long did it take to get you qualified as a personal trainer?
  68. Articles about the smith machine not being biomechanically correct?
  69. Bro Science 101
  70. Getting Published
  71. Training 51 year old women need some advice
  72. Advice/Tips on convincing your clients to buy more sessions?
  73. Looking for advice
  74. How is the job market looking for personal trainers?
  75. Seminar question: nice way to ask people not to bring kids
  76. No results = No resign?
  77. ACSM cpt vs. hfs
  78. Question for NASM trainers
  79. AFTER Personal Trainers Licensesure
  80. Getting Certified
  81. post workout craving
  82. Passed the NASM!
  83. Who's taken the NASM test?
  84. Boxing trainer courses ?
  85. How can I be successfull as a trainer?
  86. In CA, what is the fastest certificate I can get?
  87. Nasm in two weeks- freaking out!
  88. Best rewards for referrals from your clients?
  89. The newest nsca essentials of strength training textbook
  90. If you could have 1 Piece of Equipment to Train Clients What would it be?
  91. Life Fitness Virtual Trainer
  92. Interesting Article: Inventor of TRX Suspension Trainer
  93. Client Compliance for Meal/Diet on Weekends & Holidays? How do you deal with it?
  94. Online personal training.
  95. Thinking of opening my own studio
  96. Anyone worked for a supplement company?
  97. Fit Evals
  98. question: body fat and abbs.
  99. Australian Personal Trainers
  100. How do healthclubs get away with only paying trainers when they have clients?
  101. Squeezing off fat
  102. Ballbearing Olympic Barbell
  103. ISSA calorie calculation formula
  104. New Trainer Questions...
  105. Top 5 Movie Personal Trainers of All Time
  106. Program design for a cross country skiier?
  107. becoming a PT
  108. A Businessman's Idea for Personal Training
  109. Interesting. Picked up a client off a dating site
  110. What are your biggest obstacles in becoming a successful Personal Trainer?
  111. Can-Fit Pro and CPTN questions.(Canada)
  112. Have you ever ordered the NSCA online practice exams?
  113. Exercise Book?
  114. sessions covered by insurance???
  115. Ab coaster?????
  116. Question(s) for Kansas City Trainers
  117. Client's KNEES CLANKING during SQUATS
  118. Any trainers in here from Utah?
  119. Just wanted to say thanks...
  120. Looking for online pesonal trainer - daily
  121. How to become a personal trainer
  122. YOUR Dream Private Fitness Studio / Gym
  123. To all personal trainers!
  124. Do HIPAA rules apply to personal trainer records?
  125. Client who needs to Pass FBI Physical Tests
  126. How successful are you guys as trainers?
  127. wtf is wrong w/ people
  128. Stretching and Exercising Technique for NSCA..
  129. taxes and insurance
  130. Best cert for an 18 year old from massachusetts
  131. uncoordinated client! help!
  132. Website assistance, Please (long!)
  133. How do I become an independent trainer
  134. A few questions regarding ACSM Cert.?
  135. Help with client's stubborn plateau (detailed)
  136. website....help please!!!
  137. Quality Trainer. Where and how do I find one (srs)?
  138. Virtual Personal Training
  139. Where do you train the majority of your clients and how much does it cost?
  140. Holy
  141. Issa
  142. Afpa
  143. My first client
  144. Most Underrated Exercise (weights)
  145. Legal question to personal trainers out there...
  146. Just passed NASM exam.. NOW WHAT??
  147. Looking for Expert to Interview (Muscle Building)
  148. Why exercise won't make you thin
  149. Sample contracts for personal trainers?
  150. How do I increase strength for curling?
  151. Crossfit Certification?
  152. any trainers from Australia?
  153. i plan on being a personal trainer
  154. iPod apps for the gym
  155. Best Fitness Web Resources for Clients
  156. creating new leads
  157. Whats a catchy name for a group exercise class for WOMEN (read des.)
  158. good workout websites?
  159. good workout websites?
  160. Often time When I schedule a consultation
  161. 10 years in the business and ready to move on
  162. Client with one Kidney and a Keto Diet
  163. Im on the radio tomorrow talking about common myths or questions from people.
  164. Can it be this simple?
  165. Interview help
  166. Best organization to get certified in?
  167. Obese = Disabled? - Insurance Paying for Training
  168. Help launching career
  169. Anyone a dietician or studying to become one?
  170. What is a cookie cutter workout consist of?
  171. How much do you guys charge?
  172. Clients that inspire the Trainers
  173. Having a hard time w/ motivation...pursuing NASM...
  174. Questions from a gym noob.
  175. Marketing
  176. snap fitness
  177. PT Study Materials Wanted
  178. help a brother out,,, (routine)
  179. insurance
  180. how much does insurance cost
  181. how do you start beginners?
  182. ind PT's Starting off (srs)
  183. A few questions about starting with a new client
  184. Ex-Trainer, bored, broken up and nothing to do...
  185. Steps on Becoming A Personal Trainer
  186. How Should I present this?
  187. Women who don't have money
  188. POLYMETRICS for pregnant women??
  189. Can I study for the ACSM PT test with my NSCA textbook?
  190. advice for program design
  191. I've been getting way too many PM's about sales...
  192. Increasing your business through Charity Auctions
  193. Real Tales From the University Gym
  194. Any ACSM CPT or HFS
  195. Outdoor body weight exercises
  196. Technogym Kinesis One?
  197. Is NPTI a good Institute to Attend??
  198. Passed the CSCS!!!
  199. Wheres the best place to get insurance?
  200. Alternative therapy worth a try?
  201. Which is better ACE or AFAA?
  202. Need a new certification
  203. ACE vs. ACSM
  204. Question for any military personal trainers out there
  205. I need help
  206. Good assesment?
  207. Stopped In a LA Fitness Today
  208. New Trainer at Ballys
  209. nasm money
  210. ProPTA Certification
  211. Just need 1 CEC to renew ACE
  212. Having trouble mixing it up
  213. Question regarding small group exercises
  214. Successful Trainers give me Advice
  215. New trainer needs advice
  216. Outside the box exercises/routines you use
  217. Need Advice - much appreciated!!
  218. certification
  219. Yeh or nay?
  220. experience with under/implants
  221. any trainers out of the WV/PITT downtown area?
  222. Looking for body builder trainer
  223. How do you get started?
  224. IFBB Academy...is it worth it?
  225. Seattle area market for personal trainers.
  226. training split
  227. Okay buddy got crossfit cert now he is bashing my idea of getting nasm cert help
  228. Looking into NASM
  229. Exercise Etc.
  230. posing
  231. "Guaranteed Results or your money back"
  232. Best Way to Learn How to do Pull Ups
  233. Just starting out!, few questions
  234. Getting into the personal training / health stuff
  235. 47 Year Old Female Client "Squirming" Fellow PT's any input
  236. need Video Trainings of Body Building
  237. Trainers For The House Of Iron
  238. Bachelor's: Exercise Science Concentration: Exercise Physiology
  239. Mixing Fitness Sales & Marketing with Personal Training?
  240. Any Strength & Conditioning Coaches?
  241. Looking for a body building coach.
  242. practical offered after interview. question
  243. hey wats up??
  244. Looking at taking the ACE cert
  245. Do all "Private Trainers" have their own studio/gym?
  246. Pregnant Client
  247. How did you market yourself?
  248. Renting Space
  249. Online promotions?
  250. Nesta